Hello, I'm John Bender. I've been into photograhy all my life and I really enjoy it a ton.
I am a photojournalist and an artist. That's why "Creative" is the perfect middle name for
Bender's Creative Expressions

Photojournalism is something I have found my customers enjoy. Especially for weddings.
I want enyone who looks at the proof album to feel like they were there. Recently I had
a bride to be call, stop for an appointment with her fiance' and sign a contract on the spot.
Why ? She had been looking at her friends wedding albums trying to decide what to do
and when she saw the proof album I had done for a couple you'll see in my online portfolio
and they told her my rates, her decision was made. That's the ultimate in advertising.

I love photographing people, especially kids being themselves. I've been doing weddings,
family, senior and specialty portraits. I LOVE a challenge.

I can always seem to get the shot others miss. And it's my pleasure to show you.

My specialties are Outdoors, Wildlife, Sports, and Kids. God has given me a nack of
"Catching" shots that I can't explain how I do. Mostly patience, and anticipation.
I love to say when God paints a picture, It's my Job to capture it.

Please fell free to contact me for any pricing you cannot find on this site. I'll consider most
any type of shoot that is in good taste. TFP will be considered for aspiring models.